EverKid, a business in Minden, NV, is proud to announce that they have released a new version of their Halloween paper lanterns. While Halloween is still a few months away, the company believes that early preparation means a lot less stress on the actual day. The set of 5 LED paper lanterns now comes in new packaging, which is a gift box and also includes an orange paper fan decorated with a black witch. The lantern is available at Amazon only.

Elena Vera from EverKid says: "Our Halloween lanterns have been popular with families for many years. It is a gorgeous little set that is suitable for both children and adults who like to decorate their property for Halloween. After hearing from our customers, we decided to add a new component to the set, which is a gorgeous orange paper fan with an image of a black witch. And we also decided to wrap it in new packaging as well, making it suitable for gift giving."

The new Halloween decoration set now includes five paper lanterns, each lit with LED light, plus the bonus orange paper fan. The paper lanterns are made up of a black lantern with white skeleton, a blue lantern with dark blue bats, an orange Jack-O-lantern, and two white lanterns with spider webs. The orange paper fan does not have an LED light but nevertheless it can also be hung as part of the Halloween decoration.

The lanterns are 8" in size, meaning they are highly visible. They are suitable for decorating a home around Halloween. They can be use in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and anywhere else that people would like to decorate. The lanterns do not even have to be positioned close together. They are independent of each other because each LED light is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Available from Amazon and highlighted on the EverKid website, it has received numerous positive reviews. "We love hearing from our customers about their experiences with our lanterns and other products," adds Elena Vera. "People have told us just how adorable our lanterns are, and how easy they are to install. They also like the fact that the lanterns can be switched on and off individually."

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About EverKid:
EverKid is a small family owned company that with passion and creativity develops unique gifts for kids of any age.
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