With Halloween decorations requiring a considerable investment, Minden, NV business EverKid has announced that they can help by offering a launch discount for their set of Halloween LED paper lanterns. The lanterns, which are available through , are quickly becoming popular.

EverKid's Elena Vera says: "Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year and we personally love seeing all the homes with decorations throughout the country, and even the world. We're happy to announce that we have made it easier than ever for people to decorate their home by offering our lanterns at a discounted rate for a limited time only."

The product is a set of five individual lanterns that use LED lights to save on energy consumption. In fact, each lantern is powered by only 2 AAA batteries so that there is no need for the inconvenience of AC wires. They include an orange Jack-O lantern, two white lanterns with black spider webs, one black lantern with a white skeleton, and one blue lantern with dark blue bats. As a bonus, the company has now added an orange fan imprinted with the image of a black witch.

As can be seen on the company's website, at 8" in size, the lanterns are quite large and are designed to stand out. The company has been offering these lanterns for some time now, but they have added the orange fan and redesigned the packaging to make it more suitable as a gift. On top of that, they have also decided to offer it at a discounted rate. "We heard from our customers that the lanterns would be a perfect gift for families with children, but our packaging didn't reflect that," adds Elena Vera. "So, we have redesigned the packaging, added an orange fan as a bonus, and offered the product at a discount as our way to demonstrate that we listen to our customers."

Those wanting to take advantage of the current sale on Halloween LED paper lanterns can visit the Amazon page for further information. The sale is for a limited time only, and while stocks last.
About EverKid:
EverKid is a small family owned company that with passion and creativity develops unique gifts for kids of any age.

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