“Smog stones” just might be the latest and greatest eco-friendly fashion statement that you can make by mounting one on your engagement ring band. Scientists in Beijing are using a revolutionary new machine to literally suck the smog from the city’s densely polluted air and compress it to create a ‘smog stone’. Jewellers are then mounting them on locally sourced metal engagement ring bands to make the ultimate eco-conscious precious ring. Profits from these unique rings will go towards financing the city’s first ‘smog-free’ parks.

This brainchild of artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde has been named the SMOG Project which, together with Beijing’s governing bodies, hopes to create many smog-free parks in the city’s capital. Each ring is made from, and consequently removes from the atmosphere, 1 cubic kilometre of polluted air.

Early prototypes of this unique stone show a clear gem with black dust particles floating in the centre. One million rings are to go on sale at the end of this year from various retailers worldwide, so the eco-conscious bride really will have the opportunity to mount her engagement ring band with a poignantly symbolic eco-friendly fashion statement.

Roosegaard’s vision includes utilizing patented ion technology and a nano air purifier to capture the smog and create clean air for a smog-free space in Beijing. This revolutionary dream has inspired many designers, students and artists to come forward with innovative ideas of smog reduction. Roosegaarde plans to hold an exhibition in October 2015 to showcase the best of these ideas under one roof.

Roosegaard’s SMOG Project is in line with Beijing’s current goal to have a smog-free city by 2017 and the government has already committed £133.5m to the project. The parks, which will hopefully be established by the end of 2015, will have a 4m vacuum tower situated in their centre. The tower’s ionic filters will charge and remove smog particles and then blow out fresh clean air from the side vents. The high-pressure zone that this process will create will ultimately make a ‘bubble’ effect that will consistently have 75% less smog in its air than anywhere else.

The ‘smog stones’, which have an iridescent beauty to them, could easily replace the standard white diamond found on many engagement ring bands. For couples not only hoping to minimize their global footprint, but also wanting to make an eco-conscious statement, a ‘smog stone’ is the way to go.

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