07, May 2015: Luxury hotel barge operator European Waterways has announced two exciting new Italian opera cruises. Both itineraries are for seven nights, including time aboard the 20-passenger vessel La Bella Vita, which will take guests to some of the most famous opera destinations in the country.

An Exciting Itinerary

A spokesperson from European Waterways says that departure dates for these excellent opera cruises are July 5th and September 11th – both cruises will have the same itinerary, beginning in Venice. Guests will stay in a four star hotel in Padua for one night, to be within driving distance of the Arena Muse Opera in Verona. The museum is extremely popular among opera enthusiasts and displays detailed information about the history of opera. After the museum visit, guests will make their way to the Arena di Verona, where they will enjoy a memorable performance of Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’.

The next part of the itinerary sees guests boarding La Bella Vita in Venice and heralds the start of the barge cruise. The itinerary has been designed to take passengers to experience the greatest opera locations in Italy, including stunning Baroque theatres like the Gran Teatro La Fenice and the Teatro Bibiena. The tour focuses on the historical prevalence opera has had on Italian culture, and these pivotal destinations have played host to concerts by composers such as Mozart, Rossini and Verdi.

Aboard the luxury La Bella Vita passengers will have the opportunity to visit and explore Pellestrina, Chioggia, Adria, Bosaro, Ferrara and many more beautiful Italian cities. There will be a range of activities available, such as exploring city centres and surrounding local markets, tasting local wines (including some from the 17th century wine cellar in the Bagnoli estate), visiting nearby nature reserves, guided city tours and other excursions.

The spokesperson from European Waterways said, “It was important to us that we not only highlighted the historical importance that Italy played in the creation of opera music, but also the wealth of experiences that modern Italian culture has to offer.”

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