Today in the age of globalization and the rise of south-east Asian giants as China and India, or also Brazil and Russia, it isn’t possible anymore for the small and medium-range European states to stand all alone. Unification becomes more and more important as otherwise the European national states will no longer be able to push through their own interests on the world. And as far as the current crisis of the Euro is concerned it shows that a political unification is inevitable if this project shall succeed. With a common finance minister who controls the budget of the EU such indebtedness as in several southern European states would never have come about and those controls of the “troika” which creates hate all over Europe wouldn’t exist. A common European state could care for more social equality among Europeans.

Another policy area where more Europe is necessary is the foreign and security policy. In this field Europe is just not visible, and sometimes, as during the Iraq-war, the US has no greater difficulty to divide the Europeans. But to achieve their interests in the world the European states must act together, for example in the newly destabilized Arab world or vis-à-vis Russia. But also a coordination within the existing international institutions as the Security Council of the UN, IMF, WTO and others would make sense — why not a single European seat in the Security Council? The fight against Islamism and nuclear proliferation are two more areas where the national-states must act together.

But to achieve this deeper integration it seems inevitable to start integration firstly in some core states, as for example the six founding states Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux. As there wouldn’t be as many veto-powers anymore, this would allow them to create a new “acquis communautaire” (commonly achieved level of integration) which others would have to accept when they also want to become members of this new core Europe — and if the original core has success others will surely like to join them later.

So to sum up, one can say that, as a back to 19th century national-states isn’t possible anymore as the world is changing, Europe must unite, if necessary beginning with a small core Europe which would expand in the years to come.