Winter Park, Florida — The advent of direct-to-garment print technology was only a handful of years ago. As of now, there are only a handful of graphic printing companies in the U.S. with the advanced machinery to be able to provide this direct-to-garment printing (on t-shirts and other garments in various fabric blends) on an economical scale.

The idea of printing images on garments was born hundreds of years ago in China and Japan with the development of silkscreen printing. Modern screen printing has changed relatively little in hundreds of years. It is only with the introduction of industrial printers capable of printing direct-to-garment that the graphic t-shirt printing arena has taken a giant technological leap.

“The printers that are able to provide this service may seem like gatekeepers to the technology, and yet, the technology allows for such efficient printing runs that they can produce printed graphic t-shirts at a more competitive price per garment on small runs than screen printing. Where screen printers have to set up screen layers and pass that setup cost on to the customer in the form of required minimum runs, the direct-to-garment printing technology can be economical even when printing a single t-shirt.” — Mike Allsup, co-owner of EtchGear.

In the southeast United States, EtchGear has the most advanced direct-to-garment printers available. They are able to combine this advanced printing capability with an artist-centered philosophy to provide a new type of business model that is both personal and high-capacity. At center-stage are the artists that provide the graphics. EtchGear prints their designs on custom artist clothing, features all artists on the online artist portal at, even designs customized stores around the artists with a large number of designs or for those that prove to be most popular on the site. The t-shirts are printed, sold, and then shipped to the fans that purchase their favorite artist t-shirts designs online. Artists set their own commission, have no overhead, up-front fees, or inventory to deal with. Those who don’t sell are not penalized, and those who do are rewarded, both financially and promotionally.

About EtchGear

EtchGear is a direct-to-garment printer headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, providing custom artist clothing, high-impact and high-quality printed graphic artist t-shirts and burnout tees.

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