One of La Mesa’s businesses is celebrating an important upcoming milestone. After lot’s of planning and preparation, Essential | a chiropractic studio will be marking their one year anniversary of serving the city of La Mesa.

In the beginning stages of forming the office, the doctors at Essential | a chiropractic studio had a vision -- to create an environment that not only facilitates healing for their practice members, but also encourages a wellness lifestyle to allow people to reach their optimum potential. Dr. Tira Heartsong and Dr. James McElroy offer their practice members an alternative to drugs and surgery, where they can receive gentle, cutting-edge chiropractic care. This includes being one of the few offices in the area to utilize the state of the art assessment technology; the Insight Millennium.

The new studio see’s all types of patients from children to seniors and athletes to accident victims. "We wanted to introduce comprehensive corrective care so that our patients could get well and stay well" McElroy said. “We also wanted to cater to the whole family, to keep everyone healthy naturally.”

“A shift in health care is happening,” explains McElroy. During his chiropractic career, there has been a transition in what people want from their healthcare providers and cites families in particular as looking for alternative methods for containing health care costs while increasing their wellness lifestyles.

Chiropractic is the fastest growing form of alternative health care in the world and is no longer known as just a method of relieving back pain, but a comprehensive wellness and preventive care program, which many families are making a regular part of their wellness plans. “I’m proud to say that Chiropractic hasn’t so much evolved to meet the needs of individuals as much as individuals are now understanding their need for Chiropractic,” added Heartsong. “We offer care that enhances and supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This is the type of preventative health care people are searching for for their families and we are thrilled that can we provide that.”

Essential | a chiropractic studio offers patients an option that is affordable, individualized and effective. "We are combining lots of experience, traditional concepts and new technology with fresh new minds and wrapping that all up in a package of compassionate, friendly and service-oriented care," said Heartsong.

Dr. Tira Heartsong and Dr. James McElroy are licensed Doctors of Chiropractic. In addition, they both have completed the 180 hour post-graduate certification through the ICPA and enjoy serving many children and expectant mothers.

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Dr. Tira Heartsong and Dr. James McElroy are chiropractic physicians at Essential | a chiropractic studio located at 7880 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa. The doctors of Essential | a chiropractic studio can be reached by calling (619) 797-6117 or visit

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