When ÉSECÈ Group decided to launch our own brand of industrial boilers at the beginning of 2020, we never imagined that a global pandemic would be unleashed and affect absolutely all production sectors, except for pharmaceuticals of course.

But neither did we imagine one year later we would have exported more than 12 boilers to 4 continents, for industries as diverse as textile, food, and biochemistry.

And even less than after those hard months, our first year as a group, we would be recognized internationally with more than ten distinctions,
including the best CEO and Startup of the year:

• Gold CEO of the World | Product Services
Sergio Cortijo Guerra
9th Annual 2021 CEO World Awards

• Startup of the Year | Business Services
6th Annual 2021 Business Excellence Awards

• 8th Annual 2021 International Best in Business Awards

• Startup of the Year | Others
13th Annual 2021 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

• Platinium in Marketing Effectiveness
27th Summit International Awards

Although our most important award is the continuously satisfaction of helping each corporation (not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but in emerging markets) to optimize their energy production, reduce environmental impact and continue implementing #SmartIndustry, industry 4.0

In short, taking care of the health of the company. Because, as our Commercial Director, Constanza Vallejo Grove, says:
«A boiler is the heart of a factory.»

It makes us proud and encourages us to continue growing.
Many thanks to the team that has made this possible.