Hong Kong, June 25, 2014: A new range of mobile phones and tablets are being introduced almost every day to lure the modern customers. These smartphones and tablet PCs often come with exciting features and command a hefty price in the market. Epotech is now selling a wide range of feature-rich cellphones, smartphones and tablets at cheap prices through their online store Movilesbaratoschinos.es. A consumer can now purchase a cheap cellphone from popular brands such as Lenevo and Huawei and can save huge money. 

Most of the latest mobile phones and tablets are available at premium pricing, and the online store is offering consumers an opportunity to shop for the modern handheld devices at discount prices. According to the spokesperson of the web store, by offering discounts, they aim at becoming one-stop online destination for selling smartphones and tablets. He reveals that their Dual SIM Cellphones are becoming a hot selling product among the worldwide consumers. These cellphones have powerful features and are available at attractive styles. Moreover, the prices are the biggest draw and consumers find the deals very attractive and profitable to grab such latest devices. 

Some of the double SIM cellphones come with five-inch screen, 5 mega pixel camera, 1 GB RAM, dual core processor and other powerful technical specifications. According to the spokesperson, “One can hardly find such capable cellphones with two-SIM compatibility at such cheap prices with any other store or online seller.” 

Besides these latest cellphones, their advanced Tablets quad core is also drawing huge attention of the global customers. One can buy a 10-inch tablet from them at cheap prices and can enjoy amazing audio, video and picture quality while on the go. With quad core processor and Android 4.2 OS, one can accomplish a range of computing tasks while traveling. Movilesbaratoschinos.es is offering a range of tablets at a price below 100 Euros. These tablets come with 3G data transfer capabilities and one can access high-speed internet for performing a range of online tasks, from playing games to doing online shopping. 

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About Epotech Ltd: 

Epotech is an Android Smart Phones and accessories, Android Tablet PC (Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2) and free cheap mobile accessories online store. One can buy the latest product at cheap prices from their website Movilesbaratoschinos.es. They have Android tablets, Android phones and accessories and other electronic products for online shoppers. 

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