Epic war on Devon ke Dev Mahadev


 Mahadev takes on Jallandhar in a Mahayudh


Mumbai:  Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, the mythological epic that has constantly presented a fresher take on the life of Lord Shiva, now brings to screen the biggest war. On 2nd June, the Maha-Episode will showcase a Maha Yudh, that between Mahadev and Jallandhar.  


Adding glory to the existing storyline, Mohit Raina, who is seen portraying the good and balanced Mahadev and the negative lead Jallandhar. Now, audiences will see Mahadev battle it out with Jalandhar in order to bring balance to the universe.

According to the story, Vrinda — wife of Jallandhar, performs the final puja, only to realize that it is Vishnu is disguise. Considering herself violated, Vrinda ends her life not before cursing Vishnu. In a fit of anger Jallandhar is about to kill Parvati, but stops in his tracks. Meanwhile Kartikeya kills Yamaraj (the god of Death) and seeing that Mahadev is uncontrollable, Parvati in a trance offers water and bel patra to a Shiv Linga, which soothes Mahadev and he brings Yamaraj back to life

Meanwhile, the war between Mahadev and Jallandhar begins. Blinded by rage Jallandhar begins his attacks on Ganesha. Jalandhar goes back and mocks Parvati but Parvati in an ugra swaroop curses back at him.

Filled with anger, Mahadev now enters the field to destroy his ansh — Jallandhar. Catch the Mahayudh between Mahadev and Jallandhar in a Maha episode on 2nd June, 8pm on Life OK


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