Singapore, 6th March 2013: Lasik surgery had brought about a revolution in the past in corrective eye treatment. Even today this procedure is considered high tech and provides those with vision problems a strong ray of hope. That said there have been many complaints concerning side effects of the Lasik surgery. Patients have complained of problems like dry eyes, increased myopia and so on. 

The Epi-Lasik surgery has put an end to all such concerns because when compared to the Lasik procedure, this is a more advanced version with minimum invasion. The biggest benefit that an Epi-Lasik gives patients is the minimum level of treatment required to get the vision corrected. In the traditional procedures like Lasik, in order to get good results, the surgeons had to work on the cornea of the eye. The cornea being a very sensitive upper layer can more often than not succumb to the invasion and give rise to long term eye problems. 

The Epi-Lasik on the other hand, works on the most superficial layer known as the Bowman’s layer. So, there is no direct treatment of the cornea. This minimal invasion ensures the most sensitive parts of the eye are protected and the inherent vision problem is also rectified. This is one of the many reasons why today Epi-Lasik surgery has been conducted on many patients around the world and the number is only going to go up in the future. 

Epi-Lasik surgery entails all the other benefits of a Lasik procedure which include hassle free treatment with no discomfort to the person undergoing the surgery. The surgery is also fast, painless and highly yielding when it comes to treating vision impairment. Since the Epi-Lasik is one step ahead of the popular Lasik treatment in terms of surface treatment, more and more patients are turning to this new and advanced form of Lasik treatment. 

There are absolutely no side effects and the treatment delivers great results within a short span of time. The treatment is also affordable and offered by special eye clinics like Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre. This clinic uses the best tools, equipment and has a team of experts whose ability has helped many attain crystal clear vision. 

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