Bike owners are always interested in finding the best way of transporting their bikes around and carrying them wherever they go. Many manufacturers provide great solutions for this concern and you can even find ways of having your bike transported, without the need to do it yourself. allows this possibility through FedEx and you simply have to drop off the bike to a center near you or have someone authorized to do it. On the other hand, if you prefer having the bike with you, then a bike box might be more suitable and a good example is Enviro bike box.

Many riders are concerned about the bike’s safety, as everyone wants to know for sure their bikes are stored properly, they don’t get damaged or even scratched. Bike boxes are amazing solutions, allowing convenient, secure and affordable ways of transporting bikes, no matter the chosen means of transportation. Enviro bike box is suitable for any bike model and type, including larger models and mountain bikes, also electric bikes. As a matter of fact, Enviro bike box is extendable and it can be changed manually, suiting the size of your bike perfectly.

Among other features worth pointing out are the lightweight design, durable material from which it is manufactured from, being waterproof and when the box is not in use, it can be flattened. This makes the Enviro bike box even easier to store at home, not occupying a lot of space. The guarantee for the box is for one year and in case replacement parts are required, they can be purchased separately. Bike boxes can be easily bought online and along with features there are also instructions and how to use the box, as in some cases, some parts have to be dismounted and placed separately inside, usually the wheels.

Other riders prefer even more convenience, meaning not transporting the bike with them, but rather ship it to their location. This is most useful when you don’t want to worry about it at the airport, carrying it around train stations and finding a place for it. ships bikes all around the world, so no matter the destination you choose for your vacation, you can rest assured your bike will be with you. Afterwards, you can explore different tracks and terrains and engage into activities that bring most joys and test your bike in different environments.

It is quite easy to use, you don’t even need to have a box, as they provide one and you can pay online. Of course, in case you have preferences and want to use your own bike box, then feel free to do it. Packing the bike can be done by following instructions and during shipping, you can track the bike at any point, knowing exactly where it is and when it will reach its destination. Once it arrives, you can simply pick it up or have someone do it instead.


Want to know more about bike boxes? Among other models, you can check out   Enviro bike box . If you want someone to take care of the shipping for you,  is the ideal solution.