FLORIDA — The Amplified Expert Podcast is a brand new show dedicated to helping coaches and consultants make more money, get more clients and spread their message faster. Host David Jehlen interviews top-level guests in a fun and edgy format extracting leverageable and actionable insights aimed at helping the listeners inject their marketing, sales processes and brands with exactly who they are.

The Amplified Expert podcast is for any coaches, consultants, service professionals or category experts who want to make more money, get more clients and build purpose driven businesses that reach more people and ultimately create the lifestyle that they have always wanted. The podcast will help experts create a fully expressed personal brand which David Jehlen refers to as being an Amplified Expert. The show includes effective strategies and concrete tactics as well as how to cultivate the mindset that will ignite the listeners’ purpose to help them win.

The Amplified Expert podcast features David Jehlen along with his industry leading guests such as Michael Port, Tim Paige, Michael Trow and Ali Rodriguez delivering some of the most profound and impactful information on marketing, sales processes and building a personal brand.

Tim Paige, host of the top-rated show ConversionCast had this to say,“It’s incredibly rare that I find a host who has as much energy as I do. David is a ROCKSTAR of a host who brings a ton of value, and it was an honor being on the show.”

The Amplified Expert Podcast Contest is now open for coaches, consultants, speakers and other experts who are ready to amplify their results.

All that they have to do is to subscribe to the podcast, listen to one podcast episode and leave a review during the running of the contest. Every individual who goes to iTunes, listens to one podcast and leaves a review will receive 200 points instantly towards helping them win a prize in the contest possibly even the iPad mini. There are numerous more ways to share the podcast with others on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to receive even more points and improve the chances to win the iPad Mini or one of the other fantastic prizes.

To enter the contest and to earn more points visit http://DavidJehlen.com/aecontest and to listen and subscribe to The Amplified Expert Podcast visit http://DavidJehlen.com/podcast

About David Jehlen

David Jehlen is a marketing strategist, direct response copywriter and inspiring speaker who has worked with experts from best-selling authors to coaches and consultants in various industries, helping them to make more money, get more clients and spread their message faster.

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