05, January 2015: Clash of Clans is included in the top five most downloaded games. A lot of people have been hooked up in playing the games on their mobile phones, tablets, or even on the computer through Facebook. To those who are a bit new to the game or those who have heard about it, but never really got a chance to play the game, it involves building an army, defending your fortress, and conquering other villages. It seems a bit brutal though, but the cartoonish feature makes it a very interesting game to play.

To give you a more vivid view of how Clash of Clans are played, Castle Clash, Total Conquest, Clan War, Battle Dragons, Kingdom Clash , and Shadow Kings are some of the games that is comparable to Clash of Clans. There might be some tweaks on how the games are being maneuvered, but if you have been playing these other games; you will be able to know the controls in no time.

Since reaching the goals of the game would require you to have good supply of coins, elixirs, and gems, which could be achieved upon completing a task and upgrading a level, as a first time player of the game, you might see it as a challenges to store loads of the supplies that you need because these supplies can be used up and might take a couple of hours for you to get them. Fortunately, there are websites that provides links to Clash of Clans hacks that helps players get unlimited supply of elixirs, coins, and gems that could help you enjoy the games more.

Clash of Clans is one of the games that you could carry around with you since it could be played in all mobile devices. You can play it while waiting for the next bus ride, while playing for your plane to land on your vacation destination, or just to pass boredom.

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