Bavaria, GE — Hotel Landhaus in Bavaria Germany has announced its spring and summer holiday trip packages and pricing. Trips include accommodations amongst the gorgeous scenery of Bavaria in Hopfen am See. Packages include a variety of combinations as well as suggestions for local sight seeing, dining and other activities.

“Spring and Summer in Bavaria is an absolutely delightful time. The Hotel Landhaus is excited to welcome guests and provide our award winning hospitality,” says company spokesperson Marlies Mayr, “We also have established connections with many of the other hospitality services providers in the area, so we can ensure you have a nice well rounded and relaxing vacation to Barvaria. Really it is a great place to come at any time of the year, in the winter there is skiing, in the rest of the year there is gorgeous scenery, hiking, and lots of history.”

The Hotel is located in Hopfen am See. Packages include accommodations, with tours available to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, a fantastic example of classic European castle architecture. The Bavarian region is known as one of the most spectacular places to visit some of the most splendid castles built in Europe.

Hotel Landhaus (hotel hopfen am see) is a Bavarian Hotel located in Hopfen am See. The team at the Hotel Landhaus takes pride in providing high quality professional service, in one of the most naturally beautiful corners of Europe. Hotel packages are available including a variety of options which include castle tours, skiing and other sight seeing.

For more information, please contact:
Marlies Mayr
Hpfen am See
Bavaria, Germany
P: +49 (0) 8362 929920
E: [email protected]