Have you ever dreamt of wearing the perfect mesmerizing smile that you see your favorite celebrity flaunting on screen or from the glossy pages of a magazine? If you want people to take two steps back in a wonder mixed admiration when they first see your smile, but that is not what hard reality is, then there is always smile makeover Mexico to your rescue. Whether you have a tooth that requires attention or you want to enthrall people with a dazzling and happy expression, the concept of smile makeover is always there for you.


Smile makeover Mexico promises to deliver a brand new smile which would be yours for good. There are multiple reasons why you could opt for smile makeover. You might suffer from dental problems, such as malocclusion, bruxism, extremely decayed teeth or loss of vertical dimension in your teeth. All this can hinder confidence in you, making you uncomfortable in a crowd. However, there is an easy solution to all this.


The dental specialists at smile makeover Mexico can study your problems and offer you the best solution. There are various cosmetic treatments which are done to give you a smile makeover. Porcelain veneers or crowns are an ideal treatment for bruxism. These are wafer thin and customized to match and fit the surface of your tooth perfectly. These veneers or crowns or shells are bonded to the front of the teeth in order to transform their color, shape and size. Before the procedure there will a thorough evaluation during which the specialist can help determine what is actually needed for you.


You may lose vertical dimension in your teeth owing to a collapsed bite or an occlusion or a malocclusion. In treating these during smile makeover, treatments like oral surgery, partial dentures, dental implants or bridges can be followed. A dental implant is actually a dental prosthesis akin to a denture or bridges, but much more permanent. This is a bit of a complicated procedure which takes longer to heal. However, this surgical procedure is found more extensively in use in cases of smile makeover Mexico. If you have lost teeth, then also dental implants can work wonders in improving your smile.


Tooth decay is a common problem faced by patients asking for smile makeover Mexico. But there are easy procedures to take care of that. Gum re-contouring and thorough teeth cleaning are two of the solution. In the first one, the tissue or the bones underlying the teeth structure are reshaped to give the appearance of symmetrical or aesthetically pleasing teeth. Sometimes this is also done with composite resin teeth bonding. This is advantageous as it only bonds to the tooth structure quite mechanically and matches the existing color of the teeth. Sometimes even failed teeth restoration might call for smile makeover. This can be done easily with dental crowns, fillings or extractions. Dental crowns are also done for aesthetic purposes. These are simply caps shaped exactly like a tooth placed atop your teeth to improve their strength and appearance. Do discuss with your dentist about all the possibilities and get an arresting smile that will turn quite a few faces your way.


If you are keen on improving your appearance, a smile makeover can do the trick. Get professionals to do a smile makeover Mexico for you.