Hygienically designed food processing equipment can help manufacturers avoid food poisoning outbreaks and reduce spoilage and quality defects that may occur if equipment is not designed and installed to sound sanitary design principles. Failure to not properly maintain, clean or operate equipment or use of equipment that has not been hygienically designed can yield catastrophic results for both consumers and food producers.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing equipment that can impact food safety as well as profits. However, making an informed decision requires an understanding of hygienic design principles, including material and surface texture selection, functional requirements, construction and more. To provide guidance on hygienic food scale design and operation, METTLER TOLEDO has published a new white paper entitled, "Hygienic Designed Good Scales: Less Contamination and Enhanced Profits." This addition to the company's extensive collection of thought-leadership resources gives an overview of how well-designed food scales can help food manufacturers avoid costly contamination errors.

Although contaminated food processing equipment has been responsible for a number of major food poisoning outbreaks, few expert resources exist to help food manufacturers and processors determine how to avoid or eliminate contamination issues altogether.

The paper addresses the importance of evaluating appropriate materials in the construction of food equipment and discusses the impact when selecting surface textures or finish for a food application. In addition, it explains functional requirements, such as easy maintenance, stainless steel construction and ingress protection.

Not only does selecting the right hygienically designed equipment for the job ensure greater protection against contamination, but it also helps to meet international requirements based on EHEDG, NSF and 3-A standards.

For a copy of the white paper, please visit: Food Safety with Expert Guidance on Hygienic Design

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