China - Why more and more people choose the professional and security China purchase service from This is mainly due to the carefully service and high security guarantee of this online platform. Today, the specialized editor of this online platform will introduce with people the detailed information about their intimated service and goods security guarantee.

Intimated service from China wholesale purchase agent

First, the Professional staff from famous China purchase agent will provide with each consumer the one on one personalized service, which could let their shopping experience become very comfortable and convenient.

Second, the high speed services of this online China purchasing agent could let each transaction be processed within one day. Each consumer should not need to worry about the delay of their goods preparation and delivery.

Thirdly, after the preparation of consumers¡¯ goods, the professional quality control personnel from this online platform will do secondary inspection which could strictly control the quality of each consumer¡¯s commodity. Each people should know that the oversea shopping is very time consuming as the long distance so the high quality and fully consumer satisfaction is very necessary for each people.

Fourthly, in addition to the payment mode credit card, they also support a number of methods for payment which could ensure safe and reliable of the recharge and paying process. In a word, the best way to finishing the payment should be the Alipay which is the official guaranteed payment method of TAOBAO.

Finally, the famous English TAOBAO agent also provides six months goods custody for each of their client. This service is totally freely and safe.

Fully security guarantee in the purchasing process

The first guarantee should be the Commodity Price Protection which is to say that the price of the product is the actually price of itself. The English TAOBAO agent will not gain any extra fee in it.

Second guarantee should be the freely returning of the problem goods such as broken goods or goods which could not be in line with the actually one. This rule is just like the real shop in people¡¯s daily life.

The third guarantee is the fully compensation for lost parcels. However, no one could totally make sure that the package could not be lost by delivery companies so that China purchase agent has the related compensated rule. Each people who want to purchase goods from them could totally set their mind at rest as the security of their money could be fully guaranteed.

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