Toronto, ON-5/28/15. Engage Diamond Studio prepares for wedding season this June by stressing on the importance of custom-made engagement and wedding rings while providing the financial support to help brides and grooms make their pre-wedding moments worth the spending. As the season nears, every wedding essentials become more expensive because of frequent and high demand making financing a very viable alternative to not compromise quality yet still deliver with their desired rings, on time.

“At Engage Diamond Studio, we know the struggles of a couple planning for their lives and own family together and finances is of top concern especially with commitments such as their vehicle payments, first home and future emergency funds for children. This is the main reason why we offer financing options to help ease our clients’ wallets for their special engagement ring purchases,” says Ji Song, Chief Engagement Officer for Engage Diamonds.

Financing is made available through TD Bank and current offer is 0% interest rate for spread out fees of up to 3 months. Application has also been made convenient with application time taking less than 5 minutes with pre-approvals.

Engage Diamond Studio’s Commitment
Apart from understanding their client’s financial needs, Engage Diamond Studio is also committed to customer education and custom-made jewelries believing that no two persons will have equal or identical needs and their know-how is paramount to better satisfaction.

“When you visit our open showroom open daily except Sunday, you’ll have access to over 2,000 ring styles to choose from at any given time, and our in-house experts shall provide you with informational tidbits that will make you informed customers so you can choose not just the ring you desire but the optimal ring you deserve,” adds Ji Song.

Apart from the huge savings that financing may help provide, Engage Diamond Studio also advocates custom-designed rings to help clients save more in the process. The notion of customized equal higher price tag has long been debunked. Customers don’t need to pay all the extras that pre-made ring stocks stores put on the price tags for their jewelries. This includes advertising, overhead premium rental costs if they’re in a place such as a mall with high foot traffic, and the full payment of the store owner for the rings that won’t go for sale immediately. This implies that the longer it stays on inventory, the higher the cost will be for the end-buyer.

Customizing engagement rings on the other hand will get rid of all these additional costs that get passed to consumers. As rings are only made when a client orders one, prices remain low but quality remains high.

Engage Diamond Studio is also a proud member of Canadian Jewelers Association and certified by the Better Business Bureau Canada.

About Engage Diamond Studio
Engage Diamond Studio in Toronto has expert consultants who follow strict industry standards and help empower clients with the information and knowledge that are otherwise not easily made available by other jeweler stores. They understand that starting a life with the person their client’s loved ones is an experience and Engage Diamond Studio only wants to foster that experience with the creation process of custom-made rings from start to finish.

Ji Song
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