The objective of any business is to generate profit. The profit made is often ploughed back to business for further growth. Hence, it is important to monitor and maintain cash-flow account perfectly. An experienced accountant Kent will be able to tell you exactly the money available for you to invest back in your business. The accountant can also help you to file CIS tax return and apply for CIS tax refund. It is also important to know the tax breaks that you are eligible for so that you can take benefit of that. Maintaining your account is of utmost importance in running a business. It will always help you to keep track on what you are doing right and what needs correction.


An accountant Kent can help you right from the stage when you decide to start your own venture. He can guide you under what category you should register your company — sole trader, partnership or limited company. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages so it is important to choose the right category that suits your kind of firm. He can actually work for your business and ensure how your business can benefit from his knowledge and experience. You can also discuss with him any specific requirement that you may have and ask for customized solution.


In case you are in construction business, it is important to get your firm registered under Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). But that is only the beginning of the process. If you are taking services of the subcontractors, you need to deduct CIS tax while making payment. You also need to provide them the statement furnishing the details of such deductions. The subcontractors will use the documents to file their tax return and one can apply for CIS tax refund in case they have paid more taxes than they should have.


An accountant Kent will help you to follow the best practices of accounting and will ensure all statutory compliances are met. He will provide you the overview of the accounts so that you can get the glimpses of your business. In case you need further drill down details of any particular item, he will also make it available to you for better understanding. The accountant will also advise you the appropriate accounting software you should invest on. They take into consideration the kind of functionality needed and also your future requirement as your business grows. They will also suggest the add-ons you should opt for that are cost-effective.


For a start-up or small and medium size business, it is not always possible to keep an accounts department as the cost associated with running a department may not be affordable. It often a good decision to outsource this function to a firm. You can take their advice without keeping an accountant Kent in your payroll. They are professional and friendly approach will make you feel comfortable. You may check their list of clients to verify their credentials. You should also go through their websites to see the detail of services they provide.

For CIS tax refund you should employ accountant Kent expert in the job.