There is quite a bit of conflicting information about energy drinks and food bars. One explanation for this is because there are hundreds of brands that put generic names to use for their merchandise. Any individual can name a beverage an "energy drink" or "energy bar", although this can have an array of meanings. This means you need to vigilantly look over each product and determine what it's made out of. To assist you in finding a path around all the energy and food bars in today's marketplace, we'll be sharing some constructive methods for determining what is real and what is not.

Most people who consume these products do so to gain endurance for a workout or other exercise. This can be anyone from a high school athlete to a professional athlete to a middle aged man or woman going to the gym. It is important that you remain hydrated during exercise making the best beverage overall water. Caffeine, sugar and other herbs and vitamins found in energy drinks may give you short term energy they also cause you to crash. If you are trying to lose weight and looking for extra energy for a workout be sure you choose one with no added sugar. Many of these drinks claim to be "fortified" with herbs and vitamins or amino acids in addition to the sugar and caffeine we already know exists in most of them. These include Taurine, Ginseng, Gingko and various B vitamins. Some of these have not been studied well enough to really say beyond a shadow of doubt one way or another while some are healthy in general terms. It's imperative that you be quite careful of stimulants like ginseng and guarana when combined with sugar and caffeine. You're probably better to isolate each vitamin separately than in a concoction that can have unpredictable results

If you're looking for a healthy energy drink that has a moderate amount of caffeine and no artificial ingredients, why not drink green or black tea? As well as having a lower amount of caffeine than coffee or energy drinks, tea is high in antioxidants and is a milder way of keeping yourself awake. Tea can be consumed either hot or cold, but watch out for high sugar content when you buy bottled iced tea at the store. Even coffee, when you don't add a ton of mild or sweetener is better for you than most energy drinks. The greatest way to drink coffee is black, and darker roasts, and rather organic are higher in antioxidants and usually lower in caffeine. At any rate, coffee and tea are energy drinks where you are aware of what you're getting. Use your brain to make and informed decision before using any sort of energy drink or food bar. Some can be good for you if not over used but it's important that you know what you are getting into instead of believing the company who's trying to sell it to you because they aren't worried about your health so much as their bottom line. There are so many energy drinks and food bars on the market, you have to find out which ones are good and which are simply junk foods.

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