Empower Free HRMS to help Small and Medium Companies to Strategize Business

Empower the Free HR Software for the small and medium companies help them for the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of employee‘s data. It helps in automating the leave management system, the attendance Management system, and also the employee information system. The Free version of empower provides the employee details, employee records, like (certificate training), T internal email, company news and also a feedback system.

The Enterprise version has organizational chart, Skill and competency records. Employee travel records employee financial management, final clearance is all part of this version. It can provide tools for prediction and forecasting based on data and can be used or a wide variety of management decisions, financial decisions about manpower, performance of people, succession planning and removal of non-performers.

In the current economic climate, many businesses are under pressure Empower comes as a great opportunity which can align the business and will help them to reduce their HR workload, and in the longer term, we expect that some of the small companies who use our free software will expand and upgrade to one of our HR.net packages for larger businesses.”

Empower can be downloaded from the website www.empower-sme.com after a simple registration process, empower HRMS is truly a software which would help the SME‘s and improve their ROI.

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