Emotional Atyachaar 4 brings a shocking story to light!

~Watch a rare story that will leave you startled~


Appearances can be truly deceptive as it turned out in Mrinal and Sneha’s case. Mrinala.k.aManoj Kumar, a photographerwho knew little about what was in store for him when he met Sneha, a tarot card reader.When Sneha walked in Mrinal’s studio to get her portfolio made, the two immediately got chatting. Mrinal and Sneha clicked instantly and soon started dating.

While Sneha claimed that she stayed with her family,Mrinalinformed her that he stayed with his roommate Vivek. Mrinal and Sneha had a good relationship and would often spend time at his place. Once, when Sneha was at his place, Mrinal found something odd about her when he heard her noises from another room which led him to a suspicion that something was amiss. When confronted, Sneha defended herself saying that it was her mother that she was talking to over the phone while Mrinal very well knew that her phone’s battery had died. Soon, Mrinal startednoticing moreunusual things about Sneha.

One day she did tarot card reading for Vivek and told him disturbing things after which followed a series of very uncanny tarot card reading practices.Mrinal was suspicious about Sneha and felt she was cheating on him. His doubts got cleared when Vivek confessed having a fling with Sneha. Vivek also warned him about Sneha’s unusual behavior.

Mrinal along with Vivek’s help then decides to investigate to get a better picture of Sneha’s strange and fishy nature. How will he find out about her? What is so creepy about Sneha? Will Mrinal be able to figure out what is wrong with her? Will he continue his relationship with her?


To find out howMrinal’sfate, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 30th March 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!




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