LONDON — Emoshape ( announces to have started the prototyping of the first Emotions Processing Unit — EPU on DSP in the prototyping of a first generation of processor representing a significant advancement for the purpose of Artificial Intelligence Devices and Technologies.

Mr. Levy Rosenthal, CEO of Emoshape comments that; “The Emoshape processor’s breakthrough are above all its Computational Emotional Neural Frequency Architecture with Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) computation functionality. The EPU will present a new leap for AI (artificial intelligence) on all fronts especially in the realm of smart phones, toys, robots, android, computers, and other major electronic devices with applications in Medical, Biometrics, Financial, Defense and Advertising.”

The Emoshape EPU will be tested extensively before be available to a select group of clients starting circa 1/10/2013. More information about the product and the company can be found at . Please inquire for further and detailed technical information.

With the introduction of its EPU, Emoshape Ltd will deliver unparalleled user experiences based on innovative technology. The EPU will be used, among other things, in order to teach technologies how to interact with humans in order to yield a favorable result. Using the EPU as the first of a line of products, Emoshape Ltd will be spearheading the development and research into powerful and easy-to-use multimedia emotional technology.

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment for an interview with Mr Levy Rosenthal, please contact Stefania Hirghiligiu: [email protected]

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