London — Good food and wine go well together and Emilia Delizia, the culinary travel planner company is now offering pasta making classes in London for the gourmet  amateurs and professionals who are interested in the art of  making tagliatelle, and ravioli.

Pasta is a rich Italian cooking style and has been its pride and glory through much of its history. Though it is quick and easy to make, at Emilia Delizia you can learn to make delicious dishes, starting from just flour and eggs, and ending up with delicious egg pasta. Britons who ever wanted to learn to make tagliatelle, lasagne or tortellini from scratch, this is the right place.

The class begins with recognizing and buying the right ingredients, and amalgamating  them  to make the perfect dough. At Emilia Delizia, the biggest benefit is that the students don’t just sit and watch the gourmet food instructor, giving instructions and preparing the egg pasta, but it is a hands-on class, where each gourmet food student is given the chance to participate actively in the making of the pasta, so that they learn to make their own dough and get the right consistency. This is a great culinary experience for the students, who will learn more by making the dish rather than just watching the preparation.

Students can also enjoy the fun of rolling the pasta by the traditional rolling pin. As pasta are now normally made by machines, this would a wonderful experience for the more advanced learner.

The Emilia Delizia cooking classes in London offer not only an exciting experience of learning to make different styles of pasta but also include a light lunch, where the students sit around the table and enjoy what they made, along with traditional dishes like Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and Balsamic vinegar.

For people interested in joining, the sessions should be booked and agreed in advance. Culinary students  can take the lessons either in one of the Emilia Delizia locations in Central London, or if needed, they can hold it in your own kitchen!!!

About Emilia Delizia

Emilia Delizia is a dynamic company, started for promoting the language and culture of Italy and with the expansion of the wine and gourmet food tourism, this company is dedicated in conducting gourmet food tours in Italy, in order to promote their food and wine tradition. Operating since 2007, this company is based in London and Modena in Emilia Romagna Italy. The tours conducted by this company are fun and educative and the client can learn a lot about food and wine. The company offers guided tours in multiple languages in Italy and cooking classes in London.

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