Currently, transportation has become a prevalent problem in the city. People have to face roads and streets crowded with vehicles of all kinds. For them, a transport that can help them escape from the terrible traffic and get them where they want to go is reckoned as a blessing. There is no solution until the emergence of Airwheel mini electric scooter. And the Airwheel E3 portable electric bike is highly recommended for everyone.

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Airwheel E3 is one of the E-series by Airwheel with ‘OO’ design, which speaks for itself with its lovely exterior outlook and powerful function. Every detail of it has reflected the human concern of Airwheel for customers. E3 folding e bike, delicate and small (folding size 400*353*472mm only weighing 12.5kg), is able to travel through the crowds on the road very easily. With the help of it, riders don’t have to be stuck in the traffic, especially in such hot weather. Small as E3 is, it reacts faster than other ordinary vehicles, which enables the riders to deal with the traffic conditions more at ease.

In addition, Airwheel E3 electric folding bike is equipped with lithium batteries which can be recharged numerous times and have a lifespan three times as long as that of ordinary ones. On that account, users can save a sum of money by riding such a vehicle to their destinations. Also, E3 intelligent e bike can be fully recharged within 200 minutes so that the riders don’t have to wait for long before they go out. They can absolutely leave it being recharged while they are watching a movie online or reading a magazine.

Urban transportation is such a nuisance for many people. However, owning an Airwheel E3 smart e bike is able to alter the situation. No matter how heavy the traffic is, this small transport will help users to conquer the big problem and have a nice trip out there.

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