Smokingsection2014 is a newly launched website dedicated in publishing reviews, news, and latest trends of e-cigs. In its recent post, the website has listed the top 10 best e-cigarettes brands based on two factors — vapor and technology.

The website which is maintained by a team of professional vapers writes reviews on different e-cigs brands after weeks of testing. Readers are assured that all reviews are genuine and un-biased. It has been noticed that there are now many website which writes e-cigs reviews just to sell company’s products. Individuals are warned of such sites because it can be misleading and injurious to health. has been lauded by vapers for providing accurate reviews and comparisons between different brands. Customers who are new to e-cigs reported that they find the website very helpful in choosing the right electronic cigarettes.

The popularity of e-cigs has been increasing at a faster rate for the past few years and now people can find different types of e-cigs in the market. With a number of brands to choose from, it can get quiet confusing for starters. To narrow down the search list, the team has carefully tested, debated, reviewed and rated V2 Cigs as the No.1 brand for electronic cigarettes. During the test and comparison, V2 Cigs had the thickest vapor giving a real feel to vapers. It also gave out enormous exhales resulting in thick smokes. The brand now provides a new improved version of long lasting cartridges and batteries.

Green Smoke with its menthol flavor made it to the top two ranking. The company is said to have cut prices for its batteries and kits, hence making it more price friendly. The brand also offers vapers with other flavors such as Red Label, Absolute Tobacco, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, and Smooth Chocolate. The other brands which made it to the top list includes South Beach Smoke, Premium Vapes, Vapor Couture, Bull Smoke, White Cloud, Smoke Tip, Ever Smoke, and Urus Cigs. For more information please go to



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