Electricity EZ today announced that they have a new offer including a new website to showcase to all the people in Texas, particularly in Fort Worth. They are happy to announce their unique approach to all the residential clients to buy electricity that will allow them in obtaining pricing and options which no other customer will get on their own. Unlike any other companies, Electricity EZ will not ask clients to buy power for them at a questionable rate. Someone will also work with them just to ensure that their bills are paid right on time and that they are accurate. Another advantage of working with the company is that clients do not need to wait on hold in talking to other utility customer service and the best thing above all; there is no risk here for late fees.

Most people would agree that when people buy them together the company offers discount. Buying electricity is the same way. Since the regulation began in 2001, aggregating smaller customers has always been part of the plan. But it’s a tool that is rarely used especially when it comes to residential and small commercial customers.

The company has been helping customers by meeting their electricity needs for almost 23 years all over Texas and all over the United States. This helped rectify the aggregation rules in Texas. Electricity EZ is all about helping customers experience the advantage of buying power together and this is according to the owner of the company; Mike Brasovan.

The company’s plan is to take the whole group to the market at one time and buy power at once, dramatically increasing competition and lowering costs Not only can people get better pricing, they also have more pricing options and this is said to be helpful and important. The company is not talking about gimmicky pricing options that promise one set power. Those deals rarely work. They are after being able to purchase like large customers and manage their pricing with sophisticated contracts.

Another good thing people would love to hear about this company is that they take a third of the fee, and then donate that amount to their chosen charities. This is indeed an amazing act for Electricity EZ.

Electricity EZ believes that each one of us has a desire to make a difference in the world and they are more than happy to be part of it.

For more information, feel free to check out electricityez.com

Mike Brasovan
Company: Electricity EZ
Address: Fort Worth, Texas
Website: www.electricityez.com