Airwheel Technology is now reaching out to the world. Videos of riding Airwheel self-balancing scooters filmed by riders worldwide are fed back to our company continuously. These riders come from developed countries as well as developing countries. Recently, an Airwheel user from Vietnam posted his riding video online and showed an exotic experience.

The user owns an Airwheel intelligent scooter S3. He practiced riding on an open ground. It is obvious that the user is quite a rookie and has newly acquired the new transport tool. S3 is quite easy to handle. As long as riders stand onto the platform, they will simply grasp the basic riding skill. But judging from the riding accclly proficiency, it is easy to tell rookies from old users. Anyway, both new and old users, once standing on the device, could enjoy the joyful riding way.

All Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have distinctive features. Intelligent unicycles X series and twin-wheeled Q series are designed in pursuit of young vitality and fashion trend. They are fashionable, dazzling and cool. In comparison, two-wheeled self-balancing scooters S-series lay emphasis on the comfortability. S-series is targeted to the urban elites.

S3 is internally installed with two high-tech intelligent chips. The chips employ the most advanced intelligent systems, such as aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balance of the device. It also provides speed control protection for users and keeps the riding speed in a reasonable range.

There is also a main power switch mounted on the electric scooter S3, which can be operated in the same way as TV switches. When users would like to make a brief stop in some place, they can turn off the remote control switch for a while and S3 will stay in a stand-by state. It will take less time to start up for the next journey. When the journey is finished, the main power switch could be turned off to save power.

Airwheel Technology encourages riders to post more riding videos online to share their joyful moments.
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