(Free Press Release) Cairo, Egypt August 28, 2011 Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd, the Local Search Company, has revamped its electronic property Dalili.com.eg, making it even more interactive, increasing its local-search capabilities, and improving its look and feel.

The new Dalili.com.eg homepage now brings users a more extensive offering of “what-to-do-around-you,” entertainment-type establishments, like cinemas, restaurants, and gyms. It‘s completely review- and ratings-based, and is fully customizable as per the user‘s needs and preferences.

Dalili.com.eg was launched in June 2010 and has become extremely popular with high-end users who utilize website interactivity. Since its launch, thousands of reviews have been generated by its loyal and devoted users.

The new Dalili.com.eg homepage now makes it easier than ever to access the website‘s numerous “where-to-find” services for restaurants, movie houses, banks and ATMs, hotels and resorts, travel agents, and gyms, among others. Reading reviews is also much easier now since they appear directly within the search results so users do not have to navigate away from specific landing pages to see the reviews.

One important refinement is that users can now customize their Dalili.com.eg homepage, giving it the look they want and including the content and services that are most essential to their lives.

“Dalili´s slogan is ´local search my way,‘ and with this revamp, Egypt Yellow Pages has truly put users in the driver‘s seat, allowing them to customize their searches and find what they need faster,” said Marc Lambert, Managing Director of Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd.

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Based in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd is the official publisher of Yellow Pages-branded products in Egypt print/online/mobile/iPhone. Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd is the exclusive owner of the Yellow Pagesâ„¢, Walking Fingers & Designâ„¢, and Yellow.com.eg trademarks in Egypt, and is supported by over 400 employees and 12 regional offices throughout Egypt. Yellow Pages distribution surpassed 370,000 print directories in 2010, as well as delivering more than 1 million visits per month on Yellow.com.eg electronic properties.

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