If you want to build up relationships with your customers, then the smartest way to do it is by producing a blog. A blog is a wonderful method for keeping prospective customers in the loop on what is happening in your company. It can be used as a tool to change your current blog visitors in to customers on down the road. It says that you like to keep up with whatever is taking place with the market. Also, it can be a good way to get a little extra cash. A blog has many different ways that it can be monetized. We will discuss some of these methods.

Request sponsorship for your posts. One of the simplest approaches to making money from your blog is to ask people to sponsor some of your posts. The easiest way to achieve this is to include a "sponsored by" followed by the company name and a link to their site in the footer of your post. You can also charge them a little extra in return for additional space where they can post a graphic. You can create a dedicated contact form for companies interested in discussing sponsorship. It might take a little bit to negotiate but if you post on a regular basis, you will have lots of opportunities to generate attritional funds. Promote products that you have made. Websites such as CafePress and Zazzle will allow you to get products such as magnets, notepads and t-shirts with your brand name so that you can sell them. Try putting your blog's slogan onto a shirt. Think of a picture that you can put on a t-shirt and then create it. You can not only get a commission from selling these products, but the added attention will be great for your website. This can be a win win situation for you because you are earning a little money and doing your own advertising campaign. It's a win-win!

Text ads are also an option for your sidebar. You can't charge as much for text based ads but you can get more of them in less space so it should compensate. Test ads and their low price tempt advertisers because it's a way to test your blog without paying a fortune for a graphic ad. Generally, text ads go for around ten dollars a month for an average blog. If your blog is very popular, you will probably be able to get a little more for them. Since you can put two or three in the same area one graphic takes up means you may even be able to make more money with them. Your blog is a good way to indicate what you have learned about your niche topic. This will greatly help you to learn internet marketing. You can use it to help build your business and brand and to show off your sparkling personality. You can also benefit from your blog and earn an income. The tips we've talked about here to get a good start on your blog monetization. You might be able to create new and different ways to get money from your blog.

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