Simplified navigation, rich Internet interface, superior workflow, define new release designed for the Small-Medium Business market.

Irvine, CA, November 12, 2009 -- Taking advantage of the latest in rich Internet application development tools and feedback from thousands of customers, eEye Digital Security (, today announced Retina® CS Compliance and Security, a powerful security and vulnerability management solution for small to mid-size enterprises and which security pros will find intuitive and easy to master. This next-generation Retina version packs the power of eEye‘s vulnerability management technology into a richer, more attractive and user-centric package.

With a single, Web-based security console that manages all vulnerability and endpoint protection requirements, Retina CS boasts simplified navigation and a newly designed Web 2.0 interface that offers smart filters, quick access to key functions, instant column reordering, sorting, on-the-fly report creation and fast screen transitions that make for a true next-generation user experience. (Full product details:

Traditionally, vulnerability identification has been performed with network-vulnerability assessment scanners, and protection has been managed by endpoint protection platforms coupled with host-based anti-virus solutions. Alternatively, Retina CS from eEye alters this paradigm by providing all three functions within a single console and user interface that easily deploys security agents enlisted to identify, protect and fix vulnerabilities and repair mis-configurations.

"We‘ve spent significant time compiling our SME customers‘ most pressing concerns relating to their most urgent security problems,” said eEye CEO Kamal Arafeh. “An intensive effort was invested to satisfy a host of administrative requirements; the pay-off is that Retina CS has fulfilled our customer wish list for a kind of ´express interface‘ that superbly gets the job done with no redundancy or wasted effort. For example, need a PCI report for your external servers? Select the report, and Retina CS takes care of launching the scan utilizing preconfigured scan templates.”

Aimed at simplifying the complex task of assessing and managing security environments, Retina CS builds on eEye's award-winning suite of products that include the powerful and sophisticated Retina Network Security Scanner and the company‘s Endpoint Protection solution, Blink. Designed to fit the needs of small to mid-sized organizations (SMB/SME), Retina CS provides a vastly improved and unified management console that combines simplified workflows with advanced custom reporting into one seamless experience.

* Simplified User Experience - We've listened to our customers and created a streamlined interface that allows for easy navigation so that complex tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently.
* Customizable Reporting - Whether the task calls for modifying an existing report or creating a new one, Retina CS makes it easy with drag & drop report sections and customizable filters.
* Rich Internet Application - Drag & drop, easy column reordering and sorting, interactive charts and graphs, smooth screen transitions.
* Cross Platform Browser Support - Retina CS can be accessed from any browser that supports Adobe Flash player.
* Improved Scalability and Performance - enhanced performance and improved scalability allows reports to generate faster while supporting more agents.
* Results-driven Architecture - Nobody wants to run vulnerability scans; rather, the goal of these scans is to assess the network and provide reports on those results. Retina CS keeps that in mind by utilizing powerful workflow.

"We designed Retina CS as a workflow-oriented solution to help customers meet regulatory and security compliance requirements while also giving them the ability to manage security from almost any Web browser or platform," said Arafeh. "The solution provides a single point of visibility into the entire vulnerability management process and enables quick identification, protection, and remediation of vulnerabilities. With these comprehensive threat and remediation benefits, Retina CS represents the next-generation of vulnerability management solutions."

Retina CS will be available by November 30th via software licensing or as a managed service. Retina CS appliance will ship Q1. Existing eEye clients of Retina Enterprise, Blink Enterprise, eEye 1505 Security Management Appliance, or Blink 200 Security Management Console can easily migrate to Retina CS while existing stand-alone users of Retina Network Security Scanner and Blink Endpoint Protection can easily upgrade to Retina CS. For pricing and additional product information, visit

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