The Foundmoney´s Cash Giveaway is back by popular demand.  The recent monthly winner in the Cash Giveaway is Larry P., from Brooklyn New York.
According to Edward Palonek, who is the founder of, the website that specializes in helping citizens locating unclaimed money that may belong to them, the only thing that someone has to do, to win the company´s $100 monthly cash giveaway, is enter their name and contact details. A winner is then picked each month. There are over 75 cash winners listed at the site thus far.

Foundmoney has been running this giveaway since 2008 which has proven very popular amongst visitors at the website searching for unclaimed cash, says Palonek.

Foundmoney not only gives away free money each month, it also specializes in helping individuals and companies locate lost, forgotten and unknown money at their website. Individuals can search their name or that of a friend or relative to see if they have any unclaimed money belonging to them and at the same time they can enter the $100 cash giveaway.

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed accounts all over the US that are just setting their collecting no interest.  For example, Indiana's unclaimed property database, is over $199 million and over 303,000 new properties, worth more than $35 million, were added in 2011. In Massachusetts, there is $2 billion out there waiting to be claimed, while in Indiana´s unclaimed property database, there is $199 million.

“With the advent of the internet, finding unclaimed money couldn´t be any easier or rewarding. Even if you didn´t find any abundant accounts at, you can still walk away a winner in our monthly Cash Giveaway”, says Palonek.