Phoenix, AZ — With the sluggish economic recovery of the United States, one website is trying to make a difference. Formally, a solely educational website — Education from the Street, is now venturing into the American insurance market. They have partnered with some of the top insurers in the country to bring low rates to Americans.

When asked about this change of course for their site, owner Smitty Jones replied, “Education doesn’t merely extend to the arts or the sciences. Education also informs people of the financial state of societies. We can see that people are still struggling in the current American economy. Every year Americans spend thousands of dollars on insurance. Most households have two or more cars to insure plus homeowners and life insurance, not to mention the big one, medical insurance. Since we provide information about nearly every field one can think of, we decided to provide information on how to save money on insurance premiums. By using our website people can learn what it takes to find the lowest rates. We even offer free insurance quotes so people can compare rates from the top carriers and truly find cheap insurance.”

The insurance portion of their website was recently launched. They provide articles that explain how to save money on auto, health, home and life insurance. Visitors can access their free insurance quotes page at . They have partnered with the top carriers from across the nation in order to offer visitors the best rates possible. Visitors are welcome to visit their website to receive free insurance quotes and learn more about saving on insurance.

About Education from the Street:

Education from the street is an educational website that has recently launched an insurance learning center. They are offering free insurance quotes to help Americans to find cheap insurance .

If you would like to learn more about their insurance learning center, or to receive free insurance quotes please visit them on the web at

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