Electronic dance music has transformed the music industry from being a conservative one to a more versatile one. Over the past few decades, the music industry has seen numerous new artists with their individual talents and incredible taste for music and lyrics. Electronic Dance Music or EDM has also transformed in that many artists and DJs are now willing to explore their talents in this genre of music. Electronic dance music is a mix of various sounds like drum and bass, techno, trance, glitch and many more. Different artists have their own preference of EDM music.

The sound is everywhere on television and radio. Granted, sales for EDM music are not as high as those by top artists such as Katy Perry or Beyonce but a number of pop and hip-hop artists are now working together with EDM producers and DJs for hits. The convergence of electronic dance music with pop and hip-hop has been well accepted by music lovers and has opened up this genre to the masses. Fans of different music genres are slowly easing into Electronic dance music through genres they are familiar with. There is an interdependent relationship between them such that EDM artists expand their fan base while the other artists make the most of the hype surrounding electronic dance music.

EDMhau5.com is an online radio station dedicated to EDM music. Although it was established in 2012, it was officially launched in June 2014. This station is managed and operated by Matt O and Jose M. EDMhau5.com is one of the few music stations that stream all sub-genres around the clock. They have a growing number of shows which are upgraded daily.

EDMhau5.com features music from well known DJs such as Aoki, Zedd and more as well as music from upcoming artists and DJs. It is also one of the few radio stations who stream in 128KBPS for free. Other than the music, the website also features the latest EDM news, blogs and articles, forum and store. For more information please go to http://edmhau5.com/


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EDMhau5.com is an online radio station which was launched in June 2104. Its aim is to bring EDM to all music lovers everywhere.

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