05 June, 2014: Indian periodical the Economic Times, which specialises in matters pertaining to finance, has recently published an online feature advising its readers on how best to go about picking single, multi-trip and family travel insurance.

Presented as a series of topics laid out as bullet points, the Times’ feature goes over all the points a traveller should consider when browsing for the right single-trip, multi-trip or family travel insurance policy. And while some of these are commonly mentioned in articles dealing with this subject, the specialised periodical does add a few new cards to the table that customers may not have thought of before.

The article begins by explaining what an insurance policy actually consists of, before launching into advice on how its readers should go about choosing the best type of plan. Each plan is given a brief description, including family travel insurance policies.

The piece then goes on to advise readers on what standard of cover they should pick, stating that travellers should pick the value of their insurance based on the relative costs of medical insurance in the country of destination. Prospective holidaymakers are also advised to seek out cover for any extraneous activities they may be planning to partake in, such as extreme sports, as well as for natural disasters and other emergencies that may not be included in the basic policy.

The duration of the trip, the age of each travelling member and the destination itself are other of the common factors highlighted by the Economic Times as important when choosing an insurance policy.

Where the newspaper’s article innovates in relation to others of the same type is in advising readers to look into the past history of the insurance company — a practice that is more often than not neglected when buying single-trip, multi-trip or family travel insurance.

Interestingly, the article states, India is a growing name in the field of travel, as the tendency for its nationals to travel abroad increases.

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