Guangdong, China; 30, December 2016: Chinese plastic injection mold manufacturer specializes in custom mold making and relies on advanced technology and software for their mold making process. The company supplies molds for various industries, including electronics, home appliances, automotive and others.

According to the company spokesperson, they focus on Software Enhance moldmaking that enables them to maintain a superior quality. Using software, the company claims to enhance its productivity and can supply molds that meet client’s precise specification. The software allows them in enhancing the user interface, surface and solid modeling and improved customization. With better integration tools, the company can now ensure high-speed machining to help produce molds in a speedy manner to meet the project deadlines in a timely manner.

The spokesperson reveals that they believe in employing improved techniques to communicate and manage information across the supply chain and which forms the basis of a smooth mold manufacture process. At Ecomolding, technicians use CAM software integrated with design software that ensure an effective and fast processing of moldmaking. With a user interface that is Windows complaint, they carry out high-speed milling and automatic re-machining of areas that are uncut. The use of advanced software in the moldmaking allows technicians to re-evaluate their operations and the quality of the processed molds. This helps in improving the quality and also proves useful in supplying custom molds to client companies.

The plastic injection molding China Company has a number of industrial clients across the world. With their improved software powered production process, the company is hopeful of reaching more new customers and across different industry verticals. With an improved programming strategy, the company aims at improving the productivity and supplying the injection plastic molds that exactly match the client’s requirements. According to the spokesperson, companies are now focusing more on product innovation and this creates a demand of precisely developed molds. This is where the Chinese mold maker intends to meet the industry demand with their moldmaking capability that is driven by software and the latest technology.

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About Eco Molding Co. Limited:

Eco molding offers plastic injection molding service and specializes in various plastic moulds for automotive, home appliances, electronics as well as general industrial OEM applications. The company covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, surrounded with convenient transportation. At present, they have more than 100 employees and capital assets over 8 million RMB. The company has the capacity 40-50 sets of moulds per month.

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