SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. ( Freepressrelease ) November 11, 2009 - EcoAidâ„¢, the Valley‘s leading pioneers in Green business as Arizona‘s sole sustainability and carbon offsetting company, is excited to announce the creation of the nation‘s first and only Carbon Professional School based right here in Phoenix.

Climate change and Green industry practices are becoming critical factors in the US business economy, which requires the learning and understanding of new concepts. As Corporate America prepares itself for new, stricter carbon emissions regulations, and the American public begins to actively take a more vested interest in the effects of their lifestyle on their planet, the school‘s creation became necessary.

EcoAidâ„¢ created the Carbon Professional School for individuals and organizations seriously interested in learning the ins and outs of Green practice and sustainability. A predominantly online training program, the school assists those starting a new career or expanding on a current one in becoming a certified Carbon Market Professional, ready for a variety of positions in the Green, sustainability market.

“Green industry and practice is growing tremendously, which is what beckoned us to create the school. There is a need for schooling for the individual to further educate them on the growth and changes forthcoming so that they can pass on that knowledge to others grow themselves,” said Dr. Skip Pollock, EcoAidâ„¢ Education Director.

Dr. Pollock is a licensed clinical and organizational psychologist and an experienced professor. She is also the trainer leading the Carbon Professional School, as well as EcoAid™‘s Educational Director. She is responsible for the development, organization and management of training and development programs that incorporate the latest scientific research and business practices in this fast-growing field of Green Industry.

“Her expertise is immense! We‘re lucky to have someone of her caliber leading our team and the school,” stated EcoAidâ„¢ Chief Operating Officer, George Gebran.

The education received at the Carbon Professional School is one of a kind. From the online training program to the in person organizational training, the Carbon Professional School does it all. It is an individualized program that students can work through at their own pace so as to not disrupt their current lifestyle.

There is a process. Whether you are an organization that is preparing for upcoming environmental legislation or an individual getting a head start for new jobs in the Green world, EcoAidâ„¢ can help. All individuals and groups served will learn a variety of training and education modalities that will all lead to certification and a brighter future in your new Green lifestyles.

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About EcoAid:
EcoAid is a Phoenix, AZ based company that promotes corporate and personal social responsibility by developing sustainability plans for companies that help them implement eco-friendly practices, run more efficiently and save money. EcoAid then shows these businesses how to save money and resources through 'reduce, reuse and recycle' efforts and then become fully carbon neutral by offsetting their remaining carbon emissions through certified carbon offsets that support a wide range of environmental projects like clean energy, reforestation and gas capture. For more information visit

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