If you love cooking in your kitchen and you use a variety of recipe books on your iPad or love to watch movies on your ipad while you are busy in the kitchen, the Tablet Nest is a great companion.

Each Tablet Nest iPad Stand is handcrafted here in the United States by an American craftsman to deliver the most beautiful iPad stand that is on the market today. There is simply no comparison between the cheap plastic and aluminum brands that look good but fall apart after minimal use. In contrast, Tablet Nest offers you an individually crafted iPad stand that works well with your iPad 2.

While businesses use Tablet Nest for their mobile payment systems, Tablet Nest is perfect for your kitchen. It will help you avoid common spills, accidental drops and slips, and provide a safe space for your iPad to be secure. Don’t let your iPad be a victim of accidental slips and falls! If you can imagine the moment — the split second — of horror that you will have when your iPad slips out of your hand or gets bumped to the hard kitchen floor. You will be thinking that you should have gotten a protective stand that will help you avoid the slips and falls that are all too common in the kitchen.

The Tablet Nest comes in several basic colors, white, black, and mahogany. The white black and mahogany are all beautifully done to make your ipad look great in your kitchen.

Additionally, the 360 degree swivel base of the Tablet Nest iPad stand makes it easy for you to watch, hear, or read whatever is on your iPad. This makes it a practical iPad stands for kitchens counter. The no-slip grips help your iPad stand stay exactly where you place it — without slipping!

Finally, the uniquely designed product will amplify the sound that is played on your iPad. This helps when you are in a noisy and busy kitchen and you want to listen to music, watch your music, or catch up with streaming news.

For more information on the Tablet Nest iPad stand, visit http://www.TabletNest.com