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Just Released! The All New ECHOFONE Sound Therapy System!

The ECHOFONE is a brand-new ultrasonic listening system boosts your hearing abilities to noises which are ordinarily well above a persons listening to array. Incoming high-frequency.

noises are transformed to ultrasound as well as played with transducers which are installed on headsets and call your skin in front of your ears. The ultrasound then travels.

with your skin into the human brain, where it is interpreted as noise. The high-frequency array stereo headphones provide a full-Range of audio experience. It starts processing.

audio with the skin as well as the acoustic network. It is thought to increase the paths involved in data processing which increases the individuals retention capability.

The Echofone ultrasonic listening system:.

Prolongs High Frequency Perception.
Substantially Increases Fidelity of Quality Recordings (CD, DAT, DVD).
Substantially Enhances Spatial Dimension of Sounds.
Enhances Hearing in Listeners with High Frequency Hearing Loss.
This is the only device on the market that has stereo result ... an important feature for using this without patented InnerTalk programs.

Sound Therapy: Feed the Brain as well as the Body Through the users Ears.

The Echofone guarantees that the healing effect of music or InnerTalk subliminals reach the psychological degree of human hearing in the body, by recreating the great structural.

information which is consisted of in songs's overtones of high-frequency tones that the customer could not even notice. This can profoundly invigorate, enhanced, increased to the users.

ears. This transfers to the customers mind and also body also. The Echofone replicates the fine architectural information which is included in these overtones, and also has a direct.

result on the feelings, feelings, and responses of the user.

The Echofone provides a micro-massage to the center of the ear and also increases excitement to the inner ear, therefore enhancing awareness in the temporal wattle of the human.

mind, as well as greatly invigorating as well as stimulating the individuals ears, human brain and body, hence having a straight effect on the emotions, feelings as well as responses of the user.

Songs knowned with Echofone has a awsome wealth and also a deeply enjoyable affect. The one-of-a-kind combination of deep leisure and spectrum activation from the Echofone stops.

the audience from drifting off to sleep which would restore the deep leisure inadequate. Echofone influences the mind and also nerves directly through the users sense of.

hearing as well as can be made use of to improve hearing. Echofone can be utilized to enhance emotional and physical conditions such as hearing, learning troubles, voice troubles and also.

behavior disturbances which are causally associated with the area of acoustic perception.

Miracle Alternatives, LLC is an authorized supplier for the amazing ECHOFONE! For more information simply visit the internet site for the ECHOFONE. Review detailed summaries,.

specifications, all of it's amazing capacities as well as check out consumer testimonies!

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