US; 18, February 2016: A leading specialist has today announced the introduction of new piston air compressors to their line of products. It is hoped the new air compressor with Honda engine will produce better results than anything currently supplied by the firm. Buyers around the world are falling over themselves to purchase from Eaton Compressor and see the results. Compared to other brands on the market, they always offer the best prices around - and that’s always a bonus.

Eaton Compressor

The tool comes with 13hp, 18hp and a 24hp driven machine solutions. However, the most popular model right now is the 18hp. They come with a 30-gallon, 60 gallons and a 120-gallon tank, and they can run 24/7 at 100% duty cycle. The product is also very affordable in comparison to other companies operating in the same industry. Eaton Compressor always offers the best warranty too. So, there’s no need to stress about repairs and maintenance.

The experienced team working for this brand bring the highest-quality compressors at wholesale prices. They cut out the middle man to ensure all customers get the best deals possible. Recent introductions, like the next generation line of industrial air compressors, are by far the best products yet. Anyone who needs to know more should get in touch with them as soon as possible. The staff will always work hard to answer questions and provide accurate information.

Eaton Compressor now operates out of a 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and showroom. The unit is located 8 miles from the Crossroads of America in Ohio. Potential customers are always welcome to visit their business premises if they live locally. However, those from other states and locations should email or use the contact form on their website.

Most business owners know that reliable air compressors are hard to come by these days. Even some of the most respected brands seem to have slipped when it comes to quality. However, the experts working for Eaton understand expectations and always try to exceed them. Indeed, their high-performance designs are second to none in the industry right now. Also, anyone can benefit from the extended warranties so long as they purchase their compressor oil through the company.

To get in touch with Eaton Compressor and discuss their products, now is the best time to contact them. All the information required is published on their website or below this paragraph. When all’s said and done, it’s difficult to find better compressors or more lucrative deals elsewhere.

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