(Free Press Release) Julia Roberts stars in this romantic with little humor, yet meditative drama Eat Pray Love which is about a woman's personal mission to rediscover her lost passion for life as she travels the world.

The very beautiful and charming Julia Roberts delivers a wonderful performance in the film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s witty and intimate novel, Eat Pray Love. The film is co-written and directed by Ryan Murphy who is best known for his work with the Golden Globe-winning television series ´Nip/Tuck‘ and ´Glee‘. Releasing on 7th October, 2010, this cinematic masterpiece is sure to touch the hearts of the viewers, especially females.

Along with Julia Roberts, film also casts James Franco, Richard Jenkins, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, and Javier Bardem who plays very strong supportive characters in the film. Based on the extremely popular memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray love is the story of a woman‘s journey through divorce and emotional uncertainty; through various relationships and through Italy, India and Bali. After realizing her unhappiness in her marriage, Liz (Julia Roberts), a travel writer by profession, decides she needs to take a year out of her life to find herself. She travels to Italy where she learns to enjoy her independence then later to India where she stays in an ashram and learns about praying and meditation. After leaving India, Liz heads to Bali for further self-improvement and eventually finds her ´inner strength‘ and ´balance‘. The plot is very well organized, clearly aligning one country with food, the next with religion and last with love. Julia Roberts gives Liz a far more charismatic personality than she has in the book. She has done a fantastic job by capturing every single emotion in the movie which will inspire women‘s who are facing difficulties in their relationships.

"Eat Pray Love" may be a romanticized version of the book, but it will definitely capture the hearts of moviegoers. Just seeing the landscape and architecture of each country alone is enough reason to love the movie. While mostly aimed at a female audience, whoever leaves the theater will leave as a world traveler who believes in love.

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