Burlington, MA — Websites are vital to the development of modern business, and more and more sales are being done through e-commerce platforms. The problem with online shopping has been that businesses had little control over what their customers saw and they were not able to guide the customer to related or complementary products. At http://www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ companies can find the tool that will help them beef up their web sales.

By utilizing the tools at www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ , companies can alter the way that customers search for items on their site and change the way that search results are shown to those customers. Rather than just returning all pages that match the customer’s search query, companies who use the software at http://www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ will be able to tailor search results. Now customers will be able to see products that are the most relevant to their search, or the products that were the most popular among the products that they searched.

In addition, the tools at www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ builds sales through the use of up-selling and cross-selling. The site can prioritize the products that have the best profit margins and they can bring products that complement the search term right onto the customer’s screen. For instance, if the customer is shopping for shoes, matching handbags might show up in the related products part of the search. The customer may not have thought to search for a matching bag, but by putting that bag on their screen, the customer will be more tempted to purchase it. This kind of site search software allows companies to be more active in the use of their website and help them guide customers to make larger purchases.

Businesses must be able to convert web traffic to sales and one of the easiest ways to do so is by making it easy for customers to find the things that they want to buy. Through the use of the services at www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ businesses can see growth in both the number of sales and the size of the average sale.

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