Easy Web Video has been made public on April 3, 2015. The lead generation software which is the product of a collaboration between Todd Gross and Shawn Pringle has been highly anticipated by internet marketers. Easy Web Video as designed by the duo to help webmasters and internet marketers generate leads from traffic that might otherwise have been loss; by accident, it may actually help webmasters solve the much debated, “how to reduce bounce rate” problem many webmasters face.

EasyWebVideo serves as a lead generation software that works by launching a video pop-up lead generation form when the user makes an exit behavior. This may entail approaching the “x” button or attempting to close the webpage. The video popup is intended to engage the audience with a “busy page” to perk their interest to learn more as Todd Gross highlighted. The video further communicates to the viewer without requiring their active attention to the content. Collectively, this strategy should keep your users on your web page longer and interest them into the lead capture form. It provides you one last opportunity to communicate, sell, and monetize your user before leaving your page

Another surprising side effect that some webmasters have been noticing is the undisclosed benefit that Easy Web Video has the potential to help reduce bounce rate. It keeps your users on your page longer as they view your video pass the five seconds point. To display an auto-play video has been a strategy of some webmasters on reducing their bounce rate which in recent times has become critical element to search engine ranking placement (SERP) results. The usage of EasyWebVideo allows you to display an autoplay video to users without having to distract them when beginning to explore the website.

Beyond serving as a lead generation software, Easy Web Video’s flexibility settings provides webmasters and internet marketers with the option to use the tool as a video pop-up for a promotional offer. Since users have the option to set a timed launch of the pop-up, they are able to choose when to launch the auto-play video for maximum effect. Furthermore, Easy Web Video uses a WYSIWYG editor meaning users are able to click and edit to customize their message and video popup page without intensive technical expertise. This is added with simple auto responder integration which works with aWeber, iContact, and GetResponse along with several other major ARs. It is evident that Todd Gross has designed Easy Web Video to be user friendly, customizable, and effective as a lead generation software.

Collectively, Easy Web Video has been well received by the internet marketing community and over 500 copies of EasyWebVideo Lead Generation (EWV-LG) software has been sold shortly after its opening. Easy Web Video is soon turning to be another big hit on JVZoo. To learn more about Easy Web Video and the new lead generation software, click the link here to the Warrior Forum where discussions about the product and its launch is currently ongoing.

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