Don’t be frustrated by the fiddly job of plucking eyebrows or pulling ingrown hairs. It can be simple and quick with a great pair of tweezers on your side.’s new multipurpose tweezers are versatile and can be used for plucking brows, dealing with ingrown hair, stubborn stubble and even as part of a first aid kit for splinters. They are sure to become a valuable tool in everyone’s personal grooming kits.

They can handle even the finest and smallest of hairs, sharp and strong enough to handle any kind. It is easy to pull the right hair and get a firm grip to keep the plucking fast and no-fuss. With finely tapered tips and balanced tension the tweezers are accurate and precise — reducing the time and effort involved in tweezing and making it more hygienic and effective.

It’s not always a pleasant job but the best plucking technique will help avoid irritation and redness. Get a hold on the hair as close to the root as possible and pluck in the direction in which the hair grows to keep it smooth and clean. Only plucking a single hair at a time so the hairs don’t break and become harder to pull again.

The tweezers by are part of a growing range of essential personal grooming tools. The classic design and fashionable matte black colour is paired with durable and long lasting steel. Stylish enough to fit into any purse or wash bag and hardy enough to weather steamy bathrooms. The perfect size to be portable and discreet but also easy to use, comfortable to hold and Caring for the tweezers is easy.

Regular washing in warm water and drying will keep them clean and hygienic and they can be cleaned in disinfectant. The sharp tips can become blunt and the arms become unaligned if dropped so care should be taken to keep the tweezers undamaged for the longest life span and quality.

No-one should be struggling with tweezers( that are blunt and frustrating.’s tweezers make tweezing easy.

Harry Gardiner,,
[email protected],
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK