Eastern Capital made some major and significant changes to their existing investment and funds trusts. Newly added products further enhance the viability of Eastern Capital.

Continuing to develop educational programs in navigating the road to sound financial planning, the low cost multi-assets funds increase the opportunity for great long-term savings.

Speaking to the media after the implementation of the adjusted pension on April 6, Cathrine Fox, Head of Defined Contribution at Eastern Capital, commented, “The necessary pension reforms was needed in offering investors additional freedom and flexible options for better long-term post-retirement investment opportunities. It furthermore clearly show the importance of investment and the earlier people start investing, the greater the benefits. Sufficient contributions when affordable delivers the desired retirement package and this is exactly what we prove with our four multi-asset funds. It was designed especially for retirement packages for individuals by offering lower cost solutions in making savings investments possible to all individuals across all financial means.”

The funds Catherine Fox referred to use (SRRI) Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator target in management of volatile markets and effectively utilize a five-year record of accomplishment of historical data 1. Four multi-faceted funds range from two for the cautious investor, the Eastern Capital Fund, through to number five, which are ideal for clients and investors earning higher salaries and willing to risk a bit more, but receive higher returns, called the Eastern Capital Multi asset Growth 3 fund.

The funds are managed by the Eastern Capital financial Investment team, by investing funds in actively managed, enhanced indexed and passive funds, viable for long-term investment.

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