Earthscape lawn care and landscaping recently unveiled the redesigned website for clients in and around Orlando. The owners of Earthscape have been providing expert lawn care for over 25 years and now both potential and existing clients can learn about the company and its services by visiting the new website. Company spokesman Derrick Gogul explained that the website follows the company’s longstanding policy of providing its clients with the best service possible.

When visitors come to the Earthscape website they are greeted with a well developed and informative site that was designed with the client in mind. The company’s services are listed prominently and visitors will learn that when it comes to landscaping in Orlando there are few companies that can compare to Earthscape. The company provides a complete list of lawn service in Orlando and the surrounding communities and will even travel to locations anywhere in Central Florida.

The website also gives visitors interested in finding a landscaper in Orlando a handy guide to what to look for when looking for lawn maintenance services. Readers who land on the site will learn the questions to ask landscape architects in Orlando, whether they are hiring a landscaper for the first time or looking for a new lawn care specialist. The website also offers advice on the issues that those in need of landscape services should be aware of when contacting a lawn maintenance professional and the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site is one of the most popular with visitors.

For those who want more about the company the site also features several testimonials from satisfied clients who describe the company with words like “awesome”, “fantastic” and “1 of a kind.” To learn more about Earthscape and their services visit their new website or contact Derrick Gogul at 407.761.1055.


Earthscape is a lawn care company located in Orlando, FL. They are the source for all your landscaping needs: lawn maintenance, sod, tree service, and your irrigation needs.

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