Finland - Editor from famous fifa 14 coins online seller recently released news that FIFA 14 official will release a new playing model ¡°FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup¡±. This playing mode will be freely for players after once update. As the introduction of editor, this update will also take effect in the PC and other playing platforms. This means that if people have game playing hosts such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PC, then they will be able to freely get this playing pattern. No matter what new version of this game, the basically factor for people to get high record should be the enough FIFA 14 coins.

¡°FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup¡± is one kind of new playing models of this famous and latest releasing EA game. Most of people have the thought that this playing mode is similar with the current Ultimate Team playing mode. In fact, these two modes have very big difference with each other. But, the coins fifa 14 could be used into all of these two modes.

In this new released playing mode, people can still create their own famous star teams but these teams belong to the national team and not the traditional international club teams which could contain famous super stars from many countries. On the other hand, the game recording in this new released playing mode will not be converted to conventional FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Considering to this model is based on all of the actually national teams around the world, there will be more and more forms and features than the traditional international club teams¡¯ features, including the new model such as team player rankings and others which will be all added into the function of this new model. If people already purchased FIFA 14 ultimate team coins, these coin could also be effectively used in this mode. That should be great news for most of FIFA 14 lovers worldwide.

Because of the releasing of this new mode, perhaps most of people will not buy official version of EA FIFA2014 World Cup. However, this is only the possibility and prediction and the official of EA game will add more unique features in their new official version of FIFA2014 World Cup and every World Cup lovers will totally enjoy the exciting experience to win the World Cup 2014 in the world of this football game.

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