Sunrise, Florida – An esteemed review team that keeps tabs on the electronic cigarette industry is proud to announce an unprecedented offer from one of the top electronic cigarette brands in the world, Bull Smoke. The brand is now offering starter kits for $29, allowing even budget consumers to join the latest sensation in alternatives to tobacco products.

Electronic cigarettes are steam-powered devices that contain nicotine. They are not quit smoking products, yet it’s noted that many people have given up tobacco products in favor for the vapor-bursting cigarettes. Available in a wide variety of name brands and flavors, electronic cigarettes are becoming the new trend in keeping smokers together socially and providing the action of inhaling and exhaling what appears to be smoke.

Bull Smoke is one of the leading brands in his growing industry. The industry is said to have done about $300 million in revenues in 2012, with major players like Blu Cigs and NJOY leading the way. Bull Smoke, a privately held company, offers two distinct kits giving smokers options on batteries, filter strengths, and flavor diversity. The brand is among the fastest growing in the industry, thanks in part to a $29 starter kit price, the lowest in the industry. Previously selling for $74.95, the kits equate to the best value in the growing space.

“It’s always good when a growing industry offers even the budget consumer a price point the allows them to take the leap of faith and start smoking in a different way,” noted Michael Saunders, who writes for the popular blog. “We have had many people stop by and leave comments about how these products have changed their lives, and we’re happy to have been among the first sites to tell everyone about this great promotion.”

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