is a website that reviews and provides electronic cigarette coupons . With the rise of electronic cigarette products over the past decade, websites such as E-CIG Ready provide more information, reviews and discounts to help purchase these items.

The electronic cigarette has the look and general coloring of a standard tobacco cigarette, but it does not use any tobacco products. Instead, electronic cigarettes use flavor liquid which contains nicotine that is heated when the smoker draws in on the e-cig. The flavor liquid turns to water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Because there are no carcinogens present that would be found in tobacco, electronic cigarettes are often considered safer to use and present in theory less danger to the surrounding public.

Electronic cigarette brands generally put packages together which consist of the cartomizer, which holds the flavor liquid, a battery to operate the internal heating element and a variety of chargers and cases which both charge the battery and hold all the items necessary. Some e-cig brands even feature portable charging cases which resemble traditional packs of tobacco cigarettes.

E-CIG Ready provides those interesting in switching from their tobacco cigarettes a means in which to find out more information about electronic cigarettes . The website provides a great number of e-cig product reviews that demonstrate the product itself, the components that are in the package, the performance of the brand and the discount to purchase the starter kit. For more information visit E-CIG Ready.

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